Successful people never attain their success overnight. What we see in their lives are only highlights, their behind the scenes are filled with hard-work, bad days and motivation to get through those dark days. To be successful, you must have the motivation to go through the hustle and bustle of discouraging days. And, to achieve that you should know how to motivate people around you.

Being capable of motivating people is crucial for your success at the workplace, at home, and in the future because success can’t be achieved alone. This article efficiently introduces an assortment of motivational techniques and gives examples of motivational strategies to motivate others.

Attentive listening

Every person is unique and each of them has its own set of specific characters. To motivate them, it’s important to be aware of them. Many people often think that people can get motivated by giving a motivational speech but it’s not always true. That kind of motivation is superficial and short term. Motivation doesn’t work if it doesn’t resonate with others. Therefore, it’s vital to sit and listen. Learn more about the people around you, about their dreams, and also about their idiosyncrasies.

Be Encouraging

When you’re looking forward to motivating others, this is the most important step. When you listen, you’ll probably hear things they’re embarrassed to tell others. Generally, people are so afraid of failing or doing something that can make them look stupid, they never even try to reach their goals, and this is where you come in. You must be non-judgmental and encouraging.

  • For instance, instead of just saying, “I think you’ll be great at this.” Try to modify it by talking about their skills.
  • For example, if someone wants to become a veterinarian you can say, “you love animals and they always love you. You’re great with them.”

How To Motivate People Around You In Difficult Times

Ask About Their Plans

After encouraging, you have to show that you’re interested in helping them. You have to make them understand that you see their dreams coming true one day because you believe in them. Asking about what their first step would be towards achieving their dream would make their goals a reality in their own eyes. They will start to plan instead of feeling discouraged.

Ask If They Need Any Help

This step doesn’t always mean physical help or any kind of monetary support. Asking if they need help and telling them that you’ll always be there allows them to have a safety net around them. It’s moral support that they can fall back on. Most of the people would deny accepting any kind of help but it’s necessary to show that you have got their back.

These steps are enough to understand how to motivate people who are going through some tough times. By following them, you’ll be able to not only motivate but also inspire people around you. This will in turn make you feel better about yourself and your personal intrinsic goals. Your positivity will increase if people around you are full of optimism and passion.