People have ideas for their business and products. Directly implementing the ideas of the products is not a smart move. It is better to manufacture a prototype and test the product before launching it in the market. The rapid prototype company provides manufacturing services that allow you to create a prototype of your design before launching it in the market.

Services of a rapid prototype company

There are many rapid prototyping services provided by the company. Some of the services are rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing, CNC milling and turning, 3D printing of prototypes, manufacture with sheet metal, vacuum casting, die casting, injection molding and finishing services.

  • Rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing

For all the production and prototyping needs, the company provides manufacturing services and solutions. They produce the ideas and designs from concept to creation with security and efficiency.

  • CNC milling and turning

The components, prototypes, and parts manufacturing are efficient and fast with CNC milling and turning. The machines that are used have the latest version of the software and the supporting software is operated by the talented machinists.

  • 3D printing of prototypes

Manufacturing prototypes using 3D printing is very efficient and it is time-saving. It creates both stationary and functioning prototypes. It offers SLS and SLA laser rapid production services.

  • Manufacture with sheet metal

The sheet metals are used to create metal parts that are complex. The manufactured metal parts are incredibly durable and have great strength. The metal sheets are reliable and versatile.

  • Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is an effective method for making prototypes of high quality. The products are manufactured in small quantities. Commonly, vacuum casting is used for testing prototypes and designing demos.

  • Die casting

The rapid prototype company provides manufacturing services called as die casting. It createsan identical cast of metal efficiently and quickly using die casting service. They offer secondary machining, leak testing, anodizing, powder coating, and other manufacturing services.

  • Injection molding

The company provides injection molding services to create identical components and parts. With just a single mold, they produce thousands of units. They create designs using alloys, plastics, and metals.It also creates a complex geometric design.

  • Finishing services

The company provides finishing services for the products, components, and parts that they produce. It protects and enhances the designs. It helps to improve the appearance and increase the visibility of the product.

Finishing services

Every manufacturing services provided by the company is very efficient. They allow you to create the prototype of your designs. They let you add modifications to the prototype. The process of manufacturing becomes faster with the processes of manufacturing that are used by the company. They use the latest technology and latest software; this helps to produce an up to date prototypes. The manufacturing process saves a lot of time using efficient techniques which are otherwise wasted in creating prototypes that consume a lot of time. It helps the person to test their ideas successfully. They offer various testing processes that further enhances the prototypes.