Homebox! Style Statement Sofas on Discount

It is a challenging job to find the right sofa that looks endearing and fits the available space. Whether you are looking for a sofa to restyle the lounge or drawing room, the quality Homebox furniture is just a few clicks away to kick-start your decorating project and get a comfortable place for your household. To solve your space concerns, a variety of sofa types are discussed here. Always mention homebox coupon code to get the extreme level of comfort by paying a small amount. 

Two-Seater Sofa

For large size suites or small homes, people prefer to keep two seater sofa to elevate the comfort zone. This standalone part of the furniture may be selected in different styles to beautify the little space. It is also available as part of an armchair and three seater sofa. 

Three-Seater Sofas

It is the fundamental seating section, having non-removable single padded or removable supplementary cushions. These sofas have enough space for three grownups. Visit online UAE furniture stores to find the right style,giving the most generous sizing options. 

Four-Seater Sofas

The ardent entertainers love to have spacious drawing rooms and are concerned giving maximum comfort to their visitors. It is an uncommon type of sofa that has a diversity of features to suit your lifestyle and taste. You can choose sofa covering individual cushions for all seats or choose the reclining mechanism based on single padded seat and changeable armrests depending on the number of people to sit at ease. 

Corner Sofas

In order to utilize the space perfectly, corner sofas served the best. It can act as a divider between the living area and the dining room. The homebox coupon code can be used to buy a corner sofa with alternative features like reclining, ottoman and sofa bed. For small size homes, the corner chaise lounge is highly recommended due to spacious seats and additional legroom. Do not forget to check the hand facing design of the lounge; it can be left or right side to match with the surrounding décor. 


In order to complement the surrounding furniture, armchair is enough to give a finishing touch. You can place armchairs in bedroom to highlight an influential statement.Selection between a reclining or static armchair depends on your priorities and requirement.


Do you spend maximum time on your sofa, studying a book or watching interesting programs on TV? The recliners are designed to give you freedom to lean your back as much as you desire. There are 3 postures available in recliner seats. These are

  • Full recline offering a complete lying down posture
  • Raised footrest with slender back lounge
  • Standard position to sit

Loveseats or Snugs

Do you need a sofa, spacious than an ordinary armchair but smaller than the typical two-seater? Check the snugs or loveseats. It is an unbeatable cozy sitting arrangement for a suite or available space beside a bookshelf. The homebox coupon code assists in utilizing the space in your rooms aptly and within your means, so provide your code to receive incredible deals.