With a continuous growth of purchases on the Internet, it is quite a reality that setting up an online store is a great opportunity to sell your products and make new business that can earn us a lot of income. Now, as with any project, after having the idea always requires an initial planning, a strategy and make a series of very important decisions.

It is then, when everything begins to become more complex and to become more complicated.

All this contributes to put stones in the way of any entrepreneur.

But is it really that complicated to set up an online store?

The beginnings of any business are usually not easy, so setting up an online store is no exception.

However Totoro, you can always learn from those who have previously done so.

Luckily, today many entrepreneurs share their valuable experience. In this way others can take note and learn everything necessary to set up a successful online store.

The logistics

  • It is important Princess Mononoke before opening an online store to see how transport will influence the cost of your product.
  • If your business is starting, at the time of asking for prices from the different logistics companies, they will all give you a similar rate, which you will have to take into account when evaluating if you are competitive.
  • For example, if you sell products of 5 or 6 € and the courier shipment will cost the client another € 5, you may have to go around your business.
  • If you sell office furniture as mentioned above, you probably have to offer free shipping to your customers and therefore you have to include the price of the logistics in your margin.

Princess Mononoke

A typical mistake is to think that, as some online stores offer free shipping, the price that will be given to us by logistics companies is low.

It will be low or high depending on what you sell or what you compare it with, but you should always keep it in mind and ask for many quotes from different logistics companies before launching the online store.

The knowledge

Although it is not usually valued, it is important to have a solid knowledge about electronic commerce and to train before starting your project and start an online business.

Although you are not going to be in charge of performing the different tasks that are necessary in an online store , you are probably responsible for the final decision making , so it is important that these decisions are the most appropriate.

The team

Usually a person is not enough to manage an online store and it is necessary to have a team.

Basically, in an online store you need staff for its creation and maintenance , to perform online marketing actions (SEO, SEM, email marketing, social networks, content, etc.) and also to carry out the administrative tasks of any business .