Hong Kong is one the world’s major cities and sea ports, bordering the Guangdong province through the city of Shenzhen to the North and straddling The South China Sea to the West, East and South. It boasts of some of the finest restaurants in the whole world, especially Thai. Essentially, the Hong Kong cuisine is a mix of mainland Chinese and South East Asian food culture. Apart from Chinese, the strongest influence of food in Hong Kong is that of Thai food. There are of course an international milieu in Hong Kong, that represents some of the most striking food habits from countries as far away as both the South and North Americas, European countries, a strong South Asian food culture from the Indian Sub Continent, and even African tastes that have crept into the city’s gastronomic scene. But the influence of traditional Thai food, comprising of both street foods and Thai fine dining, is all pervasive. The study of Best Thai Restaurant is therefore, important to both culinary experts and simple food lovers.

Best Thai Restaurant

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Between Kowloon, which is the main residential area, The Central, which is the heart one of the most powerful business community on earth, and the New Territories, which comprises the 260 island surrounding Hong Kong (of which Lantau is the largest), lies the posh residential seaside resort of Repulse. The beautiful seaside resorts here, houses some of the finest restaurants in all of Hong Kong. Among these are some of the delicious and authentic Thai food outlets. Starting with street food preparations like Satay Kai, popular the world over, Laab (spicy salad), Tom Kha Gai (chicken in coconut soup), Som Tam (spicy green papaya salad), Pad Phuk Tong (stir fried pumpkin), Khao Pad (fried rice) etc., the list continues into fine dining sensations like Phoh Pia Sod (fresh rice paper rolls stuffed with cellophane noodles, basil, vegetables and sweet yellow pepper dipping sauce), Chau Muang ( steamed tea rose dumplings with caramelized palm sugar, minced chicken and shrimp, ground peanuts and pickled raddish), Play MukThod ( crispy calamari with three flavored chili sauce) and so on. These Thai restaurants sit spaciously on the sea front or in the posh belt just behind. Most of them have frontages with mind boggling views of the marine scenary. They also have tastefully decorated interiors in traditional Thai style. Shadows of the royal palaces of Thailand are deeply etched in the furniture, decoration and wall preparations, while the latest state of the art systems are used for management, seating and service. This is where the Best Thai Restaurant can be found here https://sip-song.com/beach-thai-restaturant-bar/.

                     Readers, we invite you to visit, not only Hong Kong, but its Repulse Bay Area and the best Thai food.