Italy is famous for its various things. The primary reason is food and especially pasta. It is their traditional dish for many decades and they have been safeguarding their culture since then. Pesto is one of their brand which carries world-famous sauce. Their products are made with 100% accuracy and purity. The required items are brought from the fields of Italy and they are freshly grown.

Barilla is a family-owned business that has the largest production space in Italy. They started as a pasta and bread shop in early 1877 and from then they have been continuously engaging and making research to improve and match the growing demands from the society and the market. The company has also been making efforts to build a contemporary forum where the people are benefitted with food and experiences are shared with many generations.


What is it made up of?

Pesto is basically made up of crushed garlic, pine nuts, coarse salt, basil leaves, and hard cheese like parmesan. There have been many alterations to the recipe of the sauce but the traditional taste lies with the old one that has been followed for many years. In the ancient days, the dish was prepared with a marble mortar with a wooden pestle. It is then made into a cream and all the other ingredients are added. The pesto sauce is perfectly used for pasta. It gives a different flavor and taste with both is mixed together. Boiled potatoes and beans are also added to the dish. There are many recipes available on the internet as the combination of pasta and pesto sauce is being made in many other countries and various videos are posted online for the making.

Traditional and modern methods of preparing pesto have some differences. But with barilla, they promise to provide both the types of recipes with a great touch of the ancient time. There are no preservatives, sugar, extra water added to the recipe and it is also gluten-free. Outside Italy, they use other alternatives with the availability, such as walnut, cashew, peanuts are added instead of the pine nuts. All together the sauce makes as a perfect dressing for pizza, pasta, fish, chicken, and other dishes.

Barilla understands the need for traditional touch in this modern world. It is evident in their practices that include even their staffs who have the passion for creating an environment of healthy food.