Choosing the best folding camping knife has become quite challenging provided that there are massive folding knives from a different manufacturer. But if you focus your attention on what you’re going to do with it, selecting the best camping knives will become much more manageable. However, hunting folding knife completely differ from backpacking and camping knife. Similarly, a pocket knife completely differs from survival or tactical knife. Therefore, to make your work more comfortable with the selection, let’s look into these knives based on their purposes.

Swiss Knife for an army  

Pocketknife or Swiss knife for the army is considered as the best for both hiking and camping activities. It is the perfect one, especially if you’re going for a long-distance and you don’t want a heavy backpack. Swiss army knife has a wide range of useful activities for the camper. It has substituted the duties that are performed by scissors.

Drop Point Knives 

Most hunter would prefer to drop point knives. Routinely, these types of knives are designed with a thick curved knife. It is therefore perfect shedding field game. Its ability to using a complete edge blade rather than the point makes it the ideal choice for hunting. If you need a knife for survival, then you should look for the multi-purpose knife. It means that you will choose the ones with a straight edge or the one with a serrated and straight edge.

Tactical Folding knife

The tactical folding knife is meant for a single purpose blade. However, this kind of knife doesn’t suit everyone but only those individuals who require a particular defense element. The best tactical folding knife is the one that positions faster.

Combinations of Knives 

Currently, there are numerous combinations of folding knives that provide some of the features mentioned above. The combinations of blades may as well include some other instruments such as sockets, chisels, screwdrivers and spirit levels. It all depends on how to take your business seriously.

Safety is the priority for any knife. That’s why it is recommended to choose the one that locks the blade. Another you need to consider while selecting the edge is how simple it is to sharpen and clean. For instance, a serrated blade knife can be quite had to clean as well as to sharpen compared to the ordinary straight-edged knife. Most blades have very crucial quality steel. Most cheap folding knives with an insufficient quality blade are likely to break easily and also rust easier.


A knives that are designed with high-quality stainless steel material and carbon-reinforced steel are recognized among the best camping knives. So, you should look for at least 420 gauge. Finally, the implication legal of using these knives should be taken seriously. Therefore, you should strictly use these knives based on your regional laws to avoid being prosecuted for using them illegally.