In depths of addiction, an individual life is so consumed with alcohol and drugs that they completely fail to look at the importance of the right diet & nutrition. Without any benefit of the healthy foods, your brain and body will not function very well that makes recovery procedure highly demanding & less promising. Somebody serious in maintaining abstinence from the alcohol or other drugs must place high focus on the healthy eating habits just to undo any damage of the substance abuse, at Seattle rehab you will learn that and lots more.

How Will Substance Abuse Affect Your Appetite and Nutrition?

The alcohol or other drugs may provide short-term pleasure; however, chronic substance abuse will inflict huge amounts of the damage on your body. Generally, substance use will exact toll on your health in many ways, check out Seattle rehab for more details:

Indirectly, these substances will result in the detrimental lifestyle changes that includes eating low-quality foods or irregular and sporadic eating

Some substances also can impact the physical health straight by injuring the major organs & disrupting crucial systems throughout your body

Looking at the first point, somebody addicted to and physically dependent on the alcohol and other drugs may exhibit compulsive behaviors linked to finding & using the substance of choice. Also, they do not have much time, attention, and resources accessible to think of eating the healthy meals and care if they ever have had enough of water to drink because of the focus on drug and alcohol abuse.

Physical harm of the substance abuse happens in 2 ways

Somebody who abuses substances at a long-term may certainly encounter a few health problems linked to the drug of choice:

    Stimulants: Certain drugs like the prescription medications for the attention-deficit or hyperactivity disorder, cocaine or methamphetamine will speed up physiological processes like heart & breathing rate or decrease appetite. The stimulant users might abuse substances in binges and where they can go days without having food and water, and resulting in the poor nutrition, electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. The long-term abuse can ultimately lead to the malnutrition and severe weight loss

Marijuana: Not like stimulants, marijuana will increase your appetite leading users to unhealthy weight gain by taking excessive intake of sugar, fats, or overall calories

Opioids: Such drugs class significantly impacts the digestion and gastrointestinal system. Individuals abusing opioids, like heroin or prescription painkillers, may experience the slowed gastrointestinal activity that will result in the chronic constipation & decreased appetite. When any person abruptly quits, then opioid withdrawal symptoms can have an extra negative impact on the nutrition & electrolyte balance that include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting

Alcoholics can consume many calories from this substance itself & not enough from the healthy foods that results in the nutritional deficits & dehydration.