Motivation refers to an emotion, a drive that pushes the body and the mind to do more. Motivation isn’t measurable but you know it exists. Its complex and also simple because anything and anyone can be a motivation, anytime and anywhere, controlled and uncontrolled. One thing is certain though, every person needs a company and that can be a motivation for a lot of things. From work to exercise.

If having people to come with you is the motivation that you need, and  that seems to not work since most people that you know is either drinking all the time, partying, working, watching Netflix and hitting the gym is like a punishment for them, maybe its time to stop forcing them and explore other opportunities. Like finding people that are actually into going out. You don’t have to explore socializing in bars and asking people around if they are willing to work out with you because it’s not going to work.

Try going solo: Try going solo first. If no one wants to come, it should not be the reason why you can’t do your early morning run or hitting the gym after work. There are many ways to motivate yourself in going solo and sometimes you just have to do it. There are people that do it and they were okay with it.

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Slip in a few workouts: Who said that you can’t do our workouts during work hours? You can, even though most don’t do it, you can if you want to. You can be the first in your office and hopefully inspire people to work out (with you). It’s possible but it will take time to convince people that way. But if you think about it, it’s a process that can help you work out and inspire people at the same time. You can still go out, party and drink with your friends and still do your workouts the next day.

There is actually an app for it: There is an app called letsgoapp, its a unique app that you need and want. This app connects you to people that have the same passion and drive as you do. If you want to go for a morning run, there are people in the app that you can connect to make that just. The best part? It’s not just limited to that. For any events and activities, like socializing, doing watersports, you name it, the app can connect you with like-minded people. If you want to find watersports social events hong kong, visit letsgoapp.

Tired of trying to motivate your friends and colleagues to do the same activities as you? You’re not alone. There are many like-minded people like you that have the same problem. The solution? An app called letsgoapp, it connects you to like-minded people so that you will always be motivated to do the things that you like and love. For meetup groups hong kong, visit the links.