You know how hard it is to keep your nails pretty at all times. If you consider basic manicure, it will only last for two days. If you want something that will last for two to three weeks without losing its shine or peeling off, it is time that you think about Colores semipermanentes. Semi-permanent colors are the latest in fashion and beauty.

Semi-permanent products have been on the market for some time now. This means that if you decide to DIY, you can easily secure the materials. You have to watch the costs though because you can easily go over budget. To help you get started, here’s how to apply a semi-permanent nail polish:

Condition the nail

Before you paint the nails, it is crucial that you properly set or prepare it. You can begin by soaking your hands in a bowl with warm water and hand soap for at least five minutes.  After this process, you can start filing and removing the cuticle. Do not skip filing as it can give the nails shape. It can also ensure that the nail polish stays on longer. When it comes to removing cuticle, you need to push it back gently before cutting.

Colores semipermanentes

Apply the nail polish and dry

As soon as the nails are ready, you can apply nail polishes. You need three – base, color, and topcoat. After polishing, you can dry. Semi-permanent nail polish needs an LED or UV lamp to dry the nails and allow it to stay fixed.

You have to remember that without a lamp, it is impossible for the nails to dry – no matter how long you leave them. The drying time will depend on the power of the LED/UV lamp you purchased. However, you must know that LED lamps are faster – it takes between 30 to 60 seconds to dry every coat. As for the UV lamps, it can take about 2 minutes.

Clean the topcoat

You have to clean the topcoat. After applying the polishes and the topcoat, you should utilize a cleanser. A cleanser refers to diluted alcohol that has the power to eliminate excess products. To do this, you have to soak a cotton ball and then pass it over the nail.

Hydrate the cuticles

Hydrating the cuticles after the manicure process is also important. It can make them look better and healthier. There are many nourishing oils with different smells you can consider.

Remove permanent nail polish

Semi-permanent nail polish lasts for up to three weeks. You can have it removed if the nail grows. To remove, you should be extra careful and consider the following instructions:

  • Get an acetone or gel remover and cotton. You can pick these items at any beauty supply store.
  • Soak the cotton in the remover before you put it on top of your nail.
  • After this, you need to wrap every nail in tinfoil.

While you are at it, you need to wrap your hands in a hand towel. In the end, this can encourage quicker removal of process.