The sims is a video game of life simulation series. The game sims 4 gratis is the fourth title of this life simulation game series which is successful in attracting the users with its features. At present a version which is compatible with Mac and Microsoft windows, playstation and Xbox one are available. Sims 4 has got the credit of topping all format charts in the last two years. Several life stages and changes are made available like toddler, parenthood, teenager and many updates have been included which were not present in the previous level.

sims 4 scaricare


How to play?

For the players with keen interest find out this here that players have a chance to create a sim character. Multiple features or emotions are available, which makes the game to be more realistic with a great sense of experience.

Create a sim functionality

Just by using a mouse, the player can change the features of the face or body instead of using sliders; dragging and pulling has given this facility. Player has the opportunity to manipulate any part of the body, including fitness of the body which was already in the previous version. Several hairstyles with different color options are available for both men, women, and children. The ethnic group to which the sim has to belong can be selected from the available default designs.

Different life stages right from the baby stage, toddler, child, teenager, adult, and elder are available, and the player can select whichever life stage he would like to simulate. Living life virtually on a pc with the desired life stage, occupation, ethnic group, behavioral traits, and aspirations have made the game pretty exciting and satisfactory.

All forms of wardrobe options have allowed the user to select the outfit of their choice as per the situation. For each category, a minimum number of costumes are available. Clothing options can further be filtered to select the type of fabric, color, fashion, and style. With every update, a wide choice is being brought to the user be it the case of gender expression, etc.


Every player is given an option to publish their creation in the gallery, which allows other players to download nature into their game instantly. Sims of the other players which are present in the gallery can be imported. This option is available for iOS and Android also.


Sim 4 has now combined built and buy mode and made it a single entity. This contains neighborhood and garden. As the level progresses the unlocking of the buy mode is possible. Building a house can be done to your sim either by using the search option to create or by buying rooms which are already available.