The use of numerology compatibility reports will help you direct your life in the right direction, be it your career, your personal life or your personal interests. It is sometimes believed that the origin of numerology is found in Hebrew mysticism, while others tend to believe that it originated among mathematicians. Numerology uses numerical values ​​associated with your name and date of birth to reach conclusions about your character, your interests and your purpose in life and love. A numerological compatibility report usually consists of all the significant numbers and personal characteristics that will help you find this particular person. If you use the program correctly, you can do it more effectively and finally find your way in life.

What is compatibility numerology?

Compatibility numerology includes the use of your month, day and year of birth, as well as your name to determine the appropriate qualities for your characters. You start looking at your birthday, like August 2, 1977. Then it becomes a numerical format – 02/08/1977. Then you start adding numbers, combining 8 and 2 to get 10 and 10 and 1977 to arrive in 1987. Then, you add 1 and 9, 8 and 7 to get to 25, and finally you add 2 and 5 to get number 7. number 7 in traditional numerology tends to stand out in the crowd. This does not necessarily mean that “7” is the leader, it simply means that attention goes inadvertently and inexplicably to the personality “7”. However, if mistreated, this involuntary attention can be too overwhelming or even negative.

Mysterious truth

Finding what’s in the name

The whole numerological table can have several numbers that identify its qualities, such as Name. This particular number is also called number expression and consists of letters and numbers, indicated by their name, reduced to a single number. It is based on associating the alphabet with a number that begins with letter A as 1, B as 2 to number 9 for I, and then the cycle is repeated with J equal to 1, K equal to 2, and so on. It is believed that the “Name” generally describes the way he behaves or expresses himself, and is also considered a good idea of ​​his most intimate personal talents and this is how numerology can help in finding path.

In a numerology compatibility table, there are also subsets of a name number, such as a motivation number. Still using your name, take another step and analyze the letters of the vowels found in the characters (a, e, i, o, and u). type of motivation, which makes reference to a number that – that elusive explanation of your actions. The next time jealousy arises not where or whom you admire, you can attribute it to your motivation number.