Among the list of local taxes that are payable in relation to a home that you own or rent, there are in addition to the well-known property and housing taxes, the household waste removal tax (TEOM) ). It is also levied by the State for the collection, transport, junk removal palm bay fl and treatment of waste. Find out everything you need to know about this TEOM: Source

What is this tax for the removal of household waste?

 In most Asian Countries municipalities, the Household Waste Removal Tax (TEOM) is payable annually by the household living in a dwelling in order to finance the management of household waste. Some municipalities choose to charge a fee rather than a tax (REOM). Its calculation method is different. It takes into account an estimate of the amount of waste generated according to the composition of the household in adults and children.

Whether  municipalities or groupings of municipalities junk removal palm bay fl, a large majority of communities use TEOM. This tax is backed by the property tax in the sense that it is the owner on January 1 of the year who receives it in his property tax notice. There are, therefore, different levels of tax, which are explained in this tax notice, on the one hand, the property tax itself and on the other the household waste removal tax. It is the same principle as for the television license, which is backed by the housing tax.

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Who pays TEOM? 

Each owner of a property must pay their household waste removal tax each year). This is payable at the same time as your property tax, and it appears on the same tax notice. It is, therefore, your situation on January 1 of the current year that is taken into account to know who must pay this tax in the fall. Discover the calendar for local taxes in 2019. As part of rental accommodation, the landlord owner can recover the amount of this tax from its tenant if this TEOM is well distinguished and individualized at the level of the municipality of the rented accommodation. This is part of the list of recoverable rental charges. Please note, however, that does not include the roll charges for the management of this tax.

Some cases of exemptions from the payment of this tax for the removal of household waste

There is some total exemption from payment of the tax for the removal of household waste. This concerns: Homes that are completely exempt from paying property tax permanently. (see cases of exemption from property tax ). Homes that are not served by a waste removal service. According to article 1521 of the General Tax Code, this is “unless the municipalities or the deliberative bodies of their groupings decide otherwise.” In addition, when the accommodation is rented, and it is unoccupied for at least three months in the year, of nature not dependent on the will of the owner, the lessor may request a discharge or a reduction in TEOM. For this, the lessor owner must send his complaint with the necessary supporting documents to his public finance center before December 31 of the year following that in which the accommodation has been unoccupied for at least three months.