Office timeline is one of the highly interactive timeline creator which are the best choice for using as project scheduler. This is the right choice if you are looking for simple, easy, ways for building schedules, Gantt charts, and visual project plans. Office timeline is the powerful solution which can quickly design and create highly beneficial graphical project slides. Best part of there is no needing have any other software to use office timeline since it is available as an add-on in the PowerPoint.

There are a lot of benefits which can be achieved from this Office timeline. It comes with a lot of free templates and it is one of the very simple tools we have for creating visual projects.

Native PowerPoint Timelines

As said earlier there is no need to have any other software for utilizing Office timeline. You just have to make use of PowerPoint. These timelines are locally available in MS PowerPoint. Best part is they are presentation ready. By using native PowerPoint features, it is possible to customize these timelines.

timeline creator

Highly professional

Office timeline is the best choice if you are planning to create professional-looking timelines along with Gantt charts. All you have to do is choose a timeline of your choice, then place the required data, and finally click the finish button.

Simple timeline creator

This is one of the very simple ways to create visual projects. It is user-friendly and most importantly you can work very smoothly with the PowerPoint features for creating Gantt charts and timelines. Users can just copy and then paste their data to the available interface or they can also import by using MS Project or MS Excel.

Free Templates

Office Timeline brings you a lot of templates for free. Best thing is they are customizable. So, you are open to access Gantt templates and other free timelines just for free. If needed you can modify and customize them as per your requirement. All the elements of timeline like colors, dates, styles, and even shapes can also be customized. This can be done either manually or automatically by using timeline creator tool. Hence when Office timeline is used, it is possible to find the template of your choice easily and without much effort.

Highest usability

Office timeline is serving varieties of industries. It can be utilized in all kinds of fields all over the world. Hence it brings broad usability. Today it is utilized in health and medicine, finance, construction, technology, and many more fields.