I don’t think so now that there is any disease left which we humans cannot tackle. Doesn’t matter we are taking help of plant’s complex chemical compounds or technology, as the most important thing is due to all these resources doctors and scientists are now being able to discover new medicines and new treatments so that we can live a long and healthy life and can contribute to the new and healthy India. Now we can even handle cancer patients because earlier people used to say that cancer is the disease which cannot be cured by any technology or medicine. But now even from medicine we can come to know about the situation of cancer cells in a patient’s body and it can be treated very well. Medical technology in foreign countries is going a little bit fast then India and some of the technology is taken by them like Heart transplant came from South Africa, Contact lenses from Italy, Smallpox vaccine from UK , X-ray from Germany, 8 constitutional medicine are given by Chinese formulae, etc . Innovations occur where every creative and fertile mind is actually looking for solutions to real human needs. From past 50 years there has been a lot of development seen in this sector and more of them yet to come!

Types of treatments

Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy, Hormone therapy, Stem cell transplant, etc. so these type of treatments are done all over the world with off course using different type of technology and medicines but these are the most famous ones which people can afford and are pocket friendly. Most of these treatments are available in India but are not very much familiar among people, so many people have less knowledge regarding medical field.

8 constitution medicine

Sites for good knowledge about medical treatments

There are many sites on Internet which you can go through and get some knowledge about how each and every treatment is done. Medicalfuturist.com is the site in which you will find some new inventions which are going to be launch in some days. The inventions given in this site are very interesting to read and will help in your future study if you are a medical student. The next site is hackensackacu.com, this site tells about different type of treatments which are done by this Clinic. This site is actually run by a clinic which is in Hackensack, NJ. It given allot of treatments like Holistic medicines, Acupuncture treatments and they use 8 constitutional medicines to relives you from stress, ailments and pains and make you feel relax.

Go through these sites and use your knowledge to make sure that the people in your family are having world class medical treatments with best clinics in the world.