Buying a fridge, sometimes it’s never a good experience because not all people love buying one. They know its essential, but they don’t want to buy one. Why? Its because no one really knows what they will get and the salespeople are usually directing the buyers to their best and latest in their stores without even considering a few key things in buying a fridge (which will be mentioned later on by the way).

Buying guides will help you, these guides will help buyers like you make the right decision. These buying guides will help you ask the important questions, not really necessarily technical but just makes sense. Questions that you can ask yourself and the questions that you can ask the experts and salespeople. In buying a fridge you can find a few of those buying guides below.

Usability vs features: Sometimes it’s easy to be distracted by the various technologies surrounding a fridge, and the funny thing is most of it isn’t even going to make your water into an instant ice! Like ice crushers, television and many more. Even if it’s too tempting to buy best and the latest in the market today, at the end of the day you still need to consider the things that its good fore, its core functions, its use. Always go back to basics, things that you want your fridge to have, once you got that on lock, then go to the other features that might appeal to you.

Your space matters: With living spaces getting smaller and smaller, its safe to say that the person that doesn’t consider their space in buying a fridge isn’t really thinking straight. An average dimension of a standard fridge has a width of 23 – 36 inches, has a height of 65  69 inches and has a depth of 24  33 inches. Imagine the many things that you can put in that space and if you do decide to put a fridge in there you need to make sure that its big enough for your needs without being too big to make you feel like you have lesser space.

Bottom freezer or top freezer? Top or bottom? It’s a common question and if in case you’re wondering what should be the best one for you, the answers relies on practicality. Practicality is subjective in some ways and the perfect situation for that is when you buy a fridge. If you want your kids to reach into their popsicles and ice cream at will, the bottom freezer option should serve you well but if you want the opposite then its the top freezer for you. Surely with that example, you already have a few realizations in mind on what type you should get (you’re welcome!).

Smart storage options: The main function of a fridge is to preserve food and part of organizing the fridge are storage spaces. These storage spaces significantly vary from one fridge to the other so if you plan to buy like a koel vries combi for example, you need to consider its storage space and identify what you will need and some that you can’t live and live without.

Buying a fridge is tough because not all people are experts in buying one, good thing that there are buying guides for it to help people know what they need to ask themselves and ask the salespeople and expert on what is the best. If you want a shortlist on a few good ones, visit