Movies that we watch on the screen do not just come about the way they are. There is a large process behind them which is probably just as exciting as the final outcome. You may simply search in a name at putlocker and get to the movie you like but it’s worth giving a thought to how this final product came about.

The process

A movie is developed stage by stage and though this stage may differ from one movie to another, it can roughly be classified as follows.

1-    Development

The first stage of making a movie is the development stage whereby a director decides to make a movie. In this stage, the screenplay is developed from an existing book/play or by the director/producer. The rights to the story are bought. This is followed by the major act of financing and budgeting. Financing and Budgeting refer to deciding how much the director can spend on his film.

2-    Pre-production

At this stage, all the preparations for the shooting are made. The cast and crew are also hired during this very stage. The tedious process of selecting the right candidate for the right role is exhaustive and long. The director also selects the locations and sets where the film is going to be shot.

3-    Production

The film is shot in the production stage of film production. The various scenes are shot and this is when the action is recorded from various angles. The shooting is done in many takes until each scene is approved by the director and producer. The shooting round is the main part of the filming.

4-    Post-production

During the post-production stage, the film is pieced in together. Various sound effects, visual effects, and music are added and the film is developed into its final form. This is the final phase of filming. By the end of this stage, the movie is complete and ready for release.

5-    Distribution

This is the stage when the film is released to the public. The distribution stage involves marketing of the film, advertising it and its final screening in cinemas.

This is in short, how a movie is made. Each stage of a movie even though summarized in a few words actually takes a long time. The two and a half hour movie that is just a culmination of months or sometimes even years of a long production process.  So when you watch new movies 2018 on putlocker, remember to cherish the hard work of all the days of production.