Cruise the world is all yachtsmen dream and one of the San Lorenzo Yachts, 460exp can make this dream happen. And you need to know why.

This impressive yacht was introduced to the world at Monaco Yacht Show in September 2015.  You can see over 120 yachts to be displayed there, 40 new debuts and 80 yachts for sale or charter. Are you interested? You can have a look on what you can expect there here.

This yacht was designed to take you for long distance cruises to experience a real sailing adventure, but while doing that you don’t need to give up on your comfort. You can simply explore in style.

San Lorenzo Yachts – Pamper Your Adventurous Sole

460exp was simply born to impress. She is a proud winner of a Judges Commendation for design during the World Superyacht Awards in 2016 and to confirm how unique she is, she won her category “Displacement Motor Yachts below 500 GT – 30 m to 42.9 m” one year later.

San Lorenzo Yachts

Perfect Mixture of Comfort and Luxury

This yacht has everything you could expect from the expedition ship. She offers more than 4000 nautical miles range at 11 knots. And as going on long distance is her main purpose, 460exp is self-reliant on long range cruises. Safety always comes first.

What Makes 460exp a Great Explorer Yacht?

It is displacement-hull yacht, built with a steel hull and the superstructure. Very outstanding and also practical while cruising on long distance is the spaciousness. There is enough room for pools, a gym, and sauna or even Turkish hammam.  All of the onboard entertainment you could wish for to keep you busy while being for days on the open water.

And don’t worry there is still enough space for all your toys such as personal submarines, tenders, kayaks, scooters or even a car as the lower deck is extended. And bearing in mind that the owners of 460exp are real explorer, it can be also equipped for scuba diving, fishing or anything else you wish for.

This yacht can take you to remote destinations like Galapagos or Antarctic. In order to keep everything going as it should be to let you enjoy the real sailor experience, there can be crew of up to 9 people available on board.

And despite her size, this yacht has still small draft of 2.5 m, which means you can explore even more, because she can take you into shallow anchorages around the world as well.

460exp Is Environmentally Friendly Yacht

Another interesting fact is that 460exp obtained the Green Plus certification from RINA. It means this yacht is eco-friendly. In other words she can be anchored for very long time without using her generators. It means she produces less emission and is also quieter. This is a cherry on top for the perfect explorer package.

It Is an Explorer yacht, So Let’s Explore

There are many mesmerizing places in the world which are waiting for you to explore them. Cruising is one of the best ways how to see them all. While doing so, you should always think of your safety. In this article, you can learn about places you should avoid or tips of how to stay safe, if you must go anyway.

Some Tips for Safe Voyage Destinations

  • New Zealand – A great opportunity to test your 460exp. It is a long leg to Auckland; you will spend almost two weeks on board during this voyage. This is the time you will appreciate all the entertainment available on board.
  • Raja Ampat –Jungles, caves and prehistoric rock paintings. This is just a hint what you can expect there. This marvelous place also offers the best scuba diving in the world. And as 460exp can remain silent for hours, you have amazing opportunity to enjoy the wild life undisturbed or polluted.
  • Singapore –It is one of the busiest ports. Singapore is great final yachting base. A place you can go wild shopping and enjoy the luxury, the same as the sunset over the city or hopping to the Southern Islands. And because 460exp need to be re-provisioned very rarely, you don’t need to be worried about anything.

So what are you waiting for?