Waste removal has become a hot topic in contemporary times because the amounts of waste generated have increased alarmingly, and the harmful effects of waste accumulation on humans and the environment naturally come to the forefront of public discourse.

According to the Department of Environment, about 41.9 million tons of commercial and industrial waste was generated in the U.K in 2014. Removal and safe disposal of such a humongous amount of waste present significant challenges to stakeholders, and unless it is carried out in a hygienic and timely manner, accumulation of such waste materials becomes a health hazard to the local population.

Effects of Waste Accumulation

Piles of garbage look ugly and give off offensive odour. When left un-removed, they begin to decompose, giving rise to harmful pathogenic organisms. The site becomes a ready abode for rodents and gets infested with flies and other insects. When the heavens open up, the water washes pathogenic organisms into bodies of water, polluting them and also contaminating underground water.

This outcome significantly increases the risk of an outbreak of epidemic among the local population. Fly tipping and dumping of solid wastes on open grounds creates similar problems. Scavengers and stray animals invade these spaces and help to disseminate contaminated and infected waste materials. In addition, it ruins the beauty of the space and distort the landscape.

Bulky waste such as old furniture and house-hold appliances like fridges, television monitors and cookers are no less of a nuisance. So are shop-fitting and construction wastes. They all constitute a breeding ground for rodents, insects and other harmful pathogens if they are not removed and disposed of on time.

The effects of pollution deserve special mention because of its impact on the environment. Putrefaction and other biochemical reactions that take place when waste is not removed in good time cause the release of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that impact negatively on the ozone layer and all its attendant effects on our climate.

Prompt Waste Removal

With the increasing affluence of many urban populations, especially in the western world, it is expected that the amount of household and commercial waste generated will only continue to increase. Old methods of waste removal are being improved upon by modern companies so that generated waste materials do not constitute health hazards to the world at large.

A company that has been eminently successful in this regard is Waste Express. They provide comprehensive waste removal solutions for both household and commercial waste. With their state-of-the- art equipment and highly trained staff, Waste Express can tailor their services to the specific requirements of the customer. With just one of their two-person teams, they can carry out the removal of household waste from most locations whatever the size.

Waste Express carries out commercial waste removal through their nation-wide fleet of in-house ‘man and vans’ on a 7 days a week basis. What’s more, they arrange the waste clearances promptly, within the same day in many U.K locations or the following day after booking, without charging anything extra. A unique attribute of their methods is that they are cheaper and more effective than skips because reasonable labour charges are included, provided the waste is easy to access.

There is no problem if you are away and unable to be present at the site when the clearance is executed. Photographs of the waste removed will be sent over to you when the work is completed. In any case, you will be sent an Electronic Waste Transfer Note indicating full compliance with public liability insurance.