The most common in this decade are digital currencies. In the last five years, they began to fill at a speed that is revolutionary. It is not only its existence; the type of important attributes they contain makes them a topic of interest. The noise generated by its exponential price in constant growth attracts attention. For the addition of advanced technologies and decentralized ecosystems, with the characteristic of anonymity and rapid settlement, they are the reason for their amplification.

On a global scale, investments in altcoin are the subject of discussion and find this space because it is different from the traditional investments made in the company. Investing in regular stocks buys small units from the company in which you are investing at Jetonbankasi. You buy shares of this company and, depending on your performance, get or lose.


Below are some points that can be compared to better understand the difference.

A. The perspective of return. For traditional venture capital, the horizon is seven to ten years, while for investments that use tokens with cryptographic currency it has a shorter horizon of only one to five years.

  1. Model: property belongs to the form of preferred shares in traditional investments. In the case of Cryptocurrency, these are actions, tokens or Cryptocurrency.
  2. Phases of entry. Although you can buy them from the company in the case of the cryptocurrency, in the case of traditional investment, it is usually Angel, Seed or early stage recording.
  3. The exit method. Usually this acquisition and IPO with traditional investment and acquisition, ICO or through Cryptocurrency Exchange lists.
  4. Business model: in the traditional case, companies sell a product or service. In the case of Cryptocurrencies, a circular economy with its token is created.
  5. Legality: Usually, traditional venture capital is a limited company (LLC) or is governed by corporate laws. However, in Cryptocurrency Investing LLC create technology and run a separate business. It can also function as an unregistered DAO or as decentralized autonomous organizations.
  6. Fund currency: this is the currency for traditional investments, and in the case of cryptocurrency it is alchemy or a currency.
  7. Approach: a market approach to traditional investment creates new models or supports the current one. He always creates a new business model for Crypto investments.

Why explore the investment in cryptocurrencies?

In the first case, you can specify the reason for the investment in Cryptocurrency. In this case, you should study the following trends and facts.

  1. Work with cryptocurrencies: Although this is incredible, the fact is that there are almost 2,000 jobs in the cryptocurrency industry worldwide. Surprising figures for the Asia-Pacific region (720 jobs) and Latin America (105 jobs). This is an explicit indication that this industry has already started to flourish, at a time when global unemployment is getting worse day by day.
  2. The high density of employees in exchanges: The need for technically reliable human resources that can work in blockchain technologies is in high demand in cryptocurrency exchanges. On average, about 13% of employees are constantly dealing with the cybersecurity task.

3. The number of cryptocurrency exchanges: There are around 120 exchanges of cryptocurrencies around the world, with a maximum in the European region, approximately 37%.