Hillman Flooring & Design has gifted its customers with beautifully polished, warm, and inviting hardwood floors for over twenty-five years now. They’re the right guys to go to if you’re thinking about renovating and renewing the flooring. They specialize in a full-surface remodeling, and they achieve it with the help of experts who work endlessly to make your dreams come true with the best quality material available. With claims to be a small-relationship based company, they are intensely focused on making their customers extremely happy and giving them what they want. They specialize in hardwood flooring and take pride in the fact that they can deliver the best quality flooring alongside the best experience.

Why choose Hillman Flooring for hardwood flooring

The answer is simple – experience. Hardwood flooring is very warm and welcoming, and to get that exact vibe, and it takes real expertise and care to bring out results. Hillman Flooring of Atlanta is the embodiment of ‘professionalism.’ There is no one out there who does hardwood flooring better than them. Such flooring is usually durable, easy to maintain, and as expected, environment praising. Selecting the right hardwood flooring will take a while, considering there are tons of options for you to choose from, but the result will be worth it. There are two main options to choose from which are – solid and engineered. Following this, you will be required to choose the type of finish you’d want from the wood. The finishes mainly include – unfinished, engineered prefinished, and solid prefinished.

Hillman Flooring of Atlanta

A little about the finishes

  • Unfinished Hardwoods – This is needed to be installed over wooden subfloors. The main benefit of having this is that it can be refinished several times. The one main difference between installing this and the rest is that one will be water-based and one will be oil based. This is the absolute right choice for the customer looking for a custom finish and color.
  • Prefinished Engineered Hardwoods – It is the best choice for a customer who’s on a timeline. This flooring has made renovating while having a tight schedule a reality. The main reason why it can be quickly be done in a small amount of time if because it can be installed over even concrete slabs. There are not handmade but are factory finished (as the name suggests) and hence can be endlessly designed according to the customers’ preference.
  • Solid Prefinished Hardwoods – This is the hardwood you get when you mix engineered hardwood with great human-made techniques. A factory made oak is finished with several coats of aluminum oxide under a UV process. These usually last up to 50 years and are an ideal option for customers looking to get a lot of finishing choices and a unique look.

All these vast years have allowed Hillman Flooring to gain enough experience to be trusted widely by customers. If you’re looking for hardwood flooring, they are the right choice.