Searching an effective emollient is key to maintain your skin condition well. However, using it properly and regularly is important! You need to find the best routine that works for you as a size won’t fit all! It might take a bit of experimentation, with guidance from skincare professionals before you find one that really helps your skin. On the contrary, if your dry or itchy skin condition seems a lot worse, you should see your skincare professional directly. Please check out their article here to find out more.

  • A good skincare routine is regular and consistent. It is also responsive to the times when your skin might need a bit of extra help.
  • Patience is significant. It is vital to have the time for skin to feel better that can vary from one person to another.

Emollients are the foundation for a good daily skincare routine. Please check out their article here to find out more. Here are some ways that you can help your skin throughout the day.

In the morning, you can

  • Cool the temperature with having a warm but not hot shower. It is because hot water can dry your skin further.
  • Switch your soap when you try using emollient-based washes instead of regular soaps that can dry your skin.
  • Make it gentle. Instead of rubbing your skin, you should try patting it with your towel until it’s nearly dry. Then, you use an emollient directly while water is still trapped in the skin for extra hydration.

During the day, you can have

  • On the move. You can take a small tube or pot of emollient with you when you’re out and about.
  • Healthy hands. Try to use emollient-based washes if you can, and keep a tube of emollient or hand cream close by, so you can top up afterwards.

In the evening, you can have

  • Extra hydration. Some people like to shower before bed as it means they can put a thicker emollient on afterwards, so it has more time to absorb into the skin overnight.

Here are few night time tips for emollients:

  • Indoor heating strips out moisture from the air and even your skin.
  • Cooling your room down can help lessen skin drying and itching during the night.
  • Try keeping the room ventilated, the heating will turn down and you can use loose cotton sheets and bedclothes.

In short, it’s vital to find emollients that suit your needs in your daily life. They help to make your routine more enjoyable, so you’re more likely to apply enough emollient to keep your skin healthy.  As we know, healthy skin is like a cobbled path – the skin cells are held together snugly, with natural lipids filling the gaps between the cells. This will form the skin’s natural protection barrier, keeping moisture in and irritants out.

We fervently hope that the top tips above can help you to have healthy skin and bring your smiles bright daily. We are inspired and glad to be part of your plans to help you shine before others. Your greatest satisfaction is always our pleasure.