Today there is the variety of products available on steroids. So, it is not that easy to produce a price list that is complete for steroids. When it comes to pricing, there is too much variability. Hence it is hard to create sound decisions on pricing. One can refer online sites for the comprehensive price list of steroids.

To make it easier one can break down the list into categories first and get a complete grasp. Later it is possible to decide on the total pricing for a cycle like bodybuilding. In steroids, there can be three main categories. They are

  • Natural steroids
  • Pharmaceutical steroids
  • Underground steroids

Steroids Price List:

When a user is serious about his performance-enhancing, then only he must invest in steroids. Here is a list of steroids and their price which are mostly used in bodybuilding.

  • Winstrol : $20- $60 for 10 mL
  • Anadrol : $2 – $3 per tab
  • Anavar : $.40 – $1 per tab
  • Deca-Durabolin :$50 -$150 per mL
  • Trenbolone : $40 – $150 per 10 mL
  • Dianabol : $.10 – $.15 per tab
  • Testosterone :$40 – $125 per 10 mL

Price of steroids on the street:

When it comes to purchasing the steroids from the street, one must expect still high prices compared to above list. That is why one must know that lot of investment in anabolic may lead to counterfeits. But if the user chooses, natural supplements more investment will lead to better results. With a lot of varieties available in the market, it is not easy to get the comprehensive price list of steroids.

Natural supplements usually come with the high cost and it takes a long time to see the significant results. But when one achieves the result from them, it is worth the cost.

On another side, if the user chooses cheap synthetic steroids, they will show up faster results. But they also come with serious side effects. Along with these negative effects when the user chooses underground products, he may also end up in cheap quality products.

Underground steroids:

When it comes to chemical structures, underground steroids resemble pharmaceutical grade products. But they are designed without the branding and quality control of official products. Common underground steroids labs are

  • British Dispensary
  • British Dragon
  • Alpha-pharma

For example, Anavar, which is very popular when it comes to cutting is available for $1- $2 for a 10 mg pill in underground labs. But the pharmaceutical Anavar cost is $3. Another steroid testosterone propionate costs $5- $6 for 100 mg underground and it costs $50 – $60 when the product is pharmaceutical grade.

Pharmaceutical Grade Steroids:

Always the cost of the pharmaceutical grade steroids is much higher. But they come in high quality as well. The dosage and the ingredients specified are accurate and experimented. Since they are produced with strict guidelines, quality is guaranteed.

But the problem is they are not prescribed for uses like bodybuilding. So, when the aim is for bodybuilding, one must buy them illegally. That is why people go to online sources, but they are unreliable.

To lure in buyers, online sites use brand name products but they may deliver counterfeit ones. Sometimes it also happens that they may not send anything at all. In worst cases, they may also defraud the customer by using their card details. Many of these sites operate in South Arica. So, one must remember that online ordering of the steroids has no guarantee of the product.

Natural Steroids:

The most expensive category of the steroids is natural steroids. But these are most effective as well. They are made of harmless ingredients and hence they are safest even when they are used for a long time. So, the user need not worry about the serious side effects. For the natural alternatives, the user can try the products from CrazyBulk.

  • HGH-X2: $79.95
  • Clenbutrol : $82.95
  • Winsol :$82.95
  • Anvarol :$72.95
  • Anadrole: $72.95
  • Trenorol: $82.95
  • DecaDuro: $82.95
  • Testo-Max: $79.95

Even though the price is high compared to other alternatives, these natural supplements are worth their cost. Rather than suffer from serious health issues by using cheaper versions one can go for natural steroids.