People looking for steroids with minimal side effects usually turn to Anavar. Side effects of Anavar are pretty rare, and they are mild even when they do occur. However, there is no surety that there would be no serious or adverse effects. However, in all cases people using Anavar responsibly get positive results only.

You need to consider the importance of Oxandrolone and then consider the risks. When there are side effects, they are related to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). There is one more issue which concerns the suppression of testosterone and virilization, so make sure you are well aware of using Anavar. Below, there are different categories of adverse effects and reactions that might occur. You would find information to mitigate and prevent the side effects.

Anavar Side Effects

As Anavar is not derived from DHT, it makes sense that the effects would be similar to, if not same. Side effects, resulting from different androgenic anabolic steroids are all derived from DHT. People who have oily skin and are prone to acne, find their skin breaking – this is quite annoying. These breakouts can happen on the back, shoulders, and sometimes spread on chest and also on the face. When you use Anavar, you need to keep your skin dry and clean all the time. People who are prone to acne must change their shirt after sweating or taking a shower. They might also need to have an extra bath every day.

The side effects of Anavar can be based on genetics. DHT affects hair follicles and result in deteriorating. However, this happens only in men who are predisposed of having male pattern baldness. People who are programmed genetically would lose their hair, and the DHT compound could make this happen. You might be able to counteract this with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor called Finasteride. This can be found under t he brand name of Propecia and Proscar. You could use Finasteride for improving your hairline, but it a potent androgen suppressant and you have to be careful of its usage. People, who don’t have genetic problem of hair loss will not lose hair with DHT.

Anavar causes Enlargement of Prostate

One serious condition related to DHT is prostate enlargement. When there is a huge accumulation of DHT in their system, this might happen. However, in terms of Anavar, you would need to take huge amounts of hormone for a long time for such a reaction. As a precaution, when you have enlarged prostate, you shouldn’t take Anavar. For any reason, if you get an enlargement of prostate for taking supplements, you will not lose everything. Finasteride has proven to be useful if taken for six months. You might be able to reduce its magnification significantly when you eliminate it altogether.

Anavar causes hepatotoxicity

Due to the makeup of C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa), Anavar is hepatotoxic in nature. However, in case of Anavar, the results are quite high. If you take the drug in the right doses, it doesn’t increase liver enzymes.

The correct doses are to be kept in mind at all times. You must always consider the risks and then choose how you want to use the drug.