Pets are something like a person in a family but with different features, the pets play many role in our daily life, everyone in their life, atleat once they has a thought to make others Dumb but that is not possible, here the only creature to accept all your words you say is the pet, you can share your feelings and you can play with it accordingly. There are many people, who have pets to run away their loneliness, there are many old aged people who grow pet as their child, many of them are taking the pets to their family tour by considering it as one of the family members.

There are many pet animals are there like dog, cat, elephants, horse, camel and so on. Many are having fishes as their pet in home. Some grow birds like parrot, love birds and so on. These are many pet animals showing attention towards the human because of their nature, the dog are more friendly towards the human, there are several dog therapy are done in many areas like old age home, disaster areas, schools and also in hospitals, these dogs are also like ordinary one, but it has the special capacity to show the kindness towards the other who feel mentally sick in thoughts.

The therapy dogs are specially trained under an organization to give good kind of attention towards every humans, this dogs are well trained even the child like to play with these dogs, everyone know the dog has special attention towards the child of his owner, it act as a protector naturally, it does not need any training , if the child goes outside of the house with the company of the dog grown in her family from her childhood and if anyone try to hurt the child, then the dog will hurt them and protect the child, this is the basic nature of the dog, but this will happen only when you grow that from the childhood and the dog would have seen the child from the birth itself.

If you get a dog in a grown stage, its character are more different and you took more time to understand them and if you buy those as puppy then it will be very close towards you and your family members, the attachment made by it towards the family will last forever, even it may feel like a member in the family with good and easy moving towards you.