NandroloneDecanoatealso known as Deca is one of the best injectable anabolic steroids. It is a prescription only drug which comes under Schedule III.  In fact, it is the second most effective steroid known till date after testosterone. The drugs are classified into IV types. Among this, the Nandrolone is known to be more secure and does not cause dependency on it. It has been used for medical purposes as well. Thus, gym addicts and bodybuilders commonly consume this drug as a regular steroid during their cycle phases.

Nandrolone is not available in the US, but it available in other countries with varied names. The usage of this pill has been discontinued due to its side-effects. However, Deca has surprisingly shown great results and improvements in their body with amazing abs, biceps, and triceps. One amusing thing with Deca is that it has no special anabolic properties. It is just like any other anabolic compound. It is available in the form of injectable, tablets and capsules. Many bodybuilders take the 200mg injections. Through online modes, Nandrolone can be purchased from

What is it?

The Nandrolone is the parent compound of Deca. It has been derived from it. Nandrolone is also known as 19—nortestosterone. The difference between nandrolone and other testosterones is that it is a low conversion to estrogen compounds.  That means it has less amount of estrogen in it. It has been also classified as red blood cell synthesizing medicine. It has been put into use for veterinary purposes too. It stimulates the endocrine-metabolic agent. The Nandrolone and nandrolone decanoate are the two variants of this drug.


  • One of the positive properties of Nandrolone is that it has a low aromatizing effect and has won a huge popularity among people. One of the most beneficial properties of Deca is that it has low side-effects on hair and skin.
  • It shows no effect or very minimal effect to scalp and skin. Thus, one does not get dry scalp or oily acne skin. This is due to the fact that nandrolone has an enzyme that the potency of the steroid. It is known as 5-alpha.
  • They have been medically put in to use for treatment of anaemia. It is used for the treatment of one such anaemic syndrome in which the bone marrow is not able to produce more amounts of red blood cells.
  • Due to the rise in levels of hemoglobin, it is advantageous to bodybuilders and fitness trainers.

When Nandrolone is combined with ester, the DecaDurabolinor NandroloneDecanoate is formed. There are many different types of Nandrolone such as Nandrolone acetate, Nandrolonedecanoate, NandrolonePhenylPropionoate and NanadroloneUnDecanoate. These all can be purchased from”. They are sold as an injectable steroid, pills, tablets. An athlete can experience joint pain relief when they use this compound.


The side-effects of the Nandrolone are similar to the effect of the steroids since it is similar to other steroids like testosterone. The risks may involve breast development which is known as gynecomastia, baldness onset, lower sperm count, liver malfunction, mood swings, bloating and nausea. But, one should remember that these are side-effects which occur when the dosage is taken for the extensively long period of time. The activation of the estrogen receptors can cause an increase in the breast onset in the male. It is experienced for the duration of intake.