If are looking for the ultimate companion dogs who are full of life, it is ridiculous to have fun around and also who is crazy and smarter. You are also trying to wade from the dishonest breeders and also the puppy mills who are present in all over the google. Finding the Labradoodle puppies is the tough work on the planet but it is not an impossible one.

There are various websites which are famous for the better puppies and the best Labradoodles they have. These breeds are very much friendlier, cute and too smarter when compared to their doodle cousins. They are boasting the hypoallergenic coats and have the funnier personalities. They know to love very well. You can consider it as your new best friend.

Puppies Fighting for a Stick

There are four types of categories available for these puppies:

1. Micro – Small Package with Big Heart

They are less than 14 inches and are weighing less than 15 lbs. This is the tiniest puppy of the doodle family. They are having an amazing attitude and the fun-loving attitude.

2. Mini

This puppy is a size of 14 – 17 inches and are weighing in between 15-30 lbs. They are very loyal and are coming with full of energy. This small puppy is the top choice for various families. This miniatures puppies are the result of careful breeding from their parent.

3. Medium

These puppies are 17-20 inches long from the ground and weighing 30-45 lbs. This is considering as a not too big and not too small but just a right size. They are having all the qualities which you could expect from a dog. It has been breed by dedicated team while doing hard work for many years.

4. Standard

The size of this dog is between 21-24 inches from the ground and they are weighing 45 – 75 pounds. This is very bright and playful. These dogs are really an incredible creature. For breeding standard doodle each genetic line is given proper care. Various modern iterations are given for preparing this standard doodles.

This Australian breed is the considered as the best friends around the world. They are very different from the American Labradoodles. They are just a cross between Labrador retrievers and the poodles. They are having the distinguishing characteristics of this six parent breed:

Labrador Retriever

Curly-coated Retriever

Poodle or toy

Irish water spaniel

American cocker spaniel

English cocker spaniel

Should I buy this breed?

This is the common question which is confusing many future owners of this beautiful puppies. If you are having enough space and if you can able to do physical activity very well then you should surely go for this amazing breeds.

The one of the biggest advantage from this doodles is that they will keep you physically very active. They are always ready for run and cuddle. But they can also feel restless sometimes when they are not getting enough exercise.

For every doodle, there is the best partner which are surely present in outside world.