A house is the place of identity of everyone. The whole family members will need some unity to handle the house with care. It is not only a place provider it is more than that, the house is the place where we can make whatever we need and do whatever we can. It is a place with soul, for the persons live in it. The family members may range from mother, father, children and many has grandparents with them. The whole persons unite together to protect the house in a good condition and the house gives them better shelter and a place to bring all happiness from the outside world.

There are many things are happening in the house for making it pretty look and more enchanting one, everyone do different things according to their choice, some love to have paintings around the house, some love to have arts and crafts for decoration of the house and some make the whole house green with pleasant smelling flowers and plants. The plants are the only thing to bring more and more fragrance inside the house naturally.

Once upon a time we had more trees surrounded anywhere in our living place, as the technologically development of several roadways, buildings continuously take over the nature’s green. Now we are having more pollutants and more carbon dioxide because we have cleared more trees that absorb the carbon dioxide, so the only thing to escape from that is to regain the nature back. Many can plant a sibling but who will water it to grow, so the only place to maintain the plant and to save the green is the home, think if every home has a tree in all over the world we can get good oxygen for the whole family and we can save the earth from drought little with this small change.

Gardening is done in many houses to retain the good and natural look to the home, The gardening give good fragrance for the whole family members and it provides them

  • To fight against the stress.
  • It gives relief from the anxiety.
  • It helps to relieve from the fatigue.
  • It helps to good sleep.
  • It keeps the mind sharp by improving the positive attitude.

Even the child love to grow a sapling, you can also grow some indoor plants which needs only light to grow not the direct sunlight, that may give more pleasant for the family members and the person who come into their house.