Ten in eight persons are using the mobile for the whole day, everyone say mobile is a life killing gadget, but it serves as many gadgets, like watch, calculator, stop watches, fm, video and audio player, many more. The usage of the mobile cannot be limited in this day, because many use this as book for online reading, some as television to entertain themselves, some as voice recorder to record various music and sound. Some use that as cameras for the photo shoot, everyone use according to their needs.

So think how important role does the mobile plays in our life, it saves the life in trouble, for example if a person has locked inside the car and there is no one near to him and he needs to come out because the locked doors inside the car will take his breathe, so he has to come out side to get better breathe. If he come out and breathe, he can save his life, if he has phone on his hand he can call anyone as an emergency, if the person cannot say his location using Gps we can find the place, where he exactly and save his life. Things to be considered before buying the mobile

  • Battery life
  • Prize
  • Types of OS
  • Memory capacity
  • Durability
  • Radioactive level
  • Camera quality

All know these things, but the radioactive level may be somewhat new for many one, the radioactive level is the simple one, it describes the heating capacity of the human organs provided by the phone during the a call, some phone provide less radiation when we speak for more hours, some shows less radiation even if we use it for the long time. There are many people, who will not like to go on comparing the radiation in phone, because they need good phone for the showcasing in the outdoor.

Specification absorption rate is the one to be considered to get good health, the energy released from the absorption rate gets from the mobile phone electromagnetic field it makes the brain system to get heated. The battery life is also the important one to be considered before buying the mobile, if you use a mobile with less battery power then, you have to charge it often, if the battery life lasts for more time then you feel better for using the mobile phone. The durability is more also to be checked to use the mobile for long time.