Anadrol is a synthetic variation of testosterone which is a powerful hormone used to develop and maintain male sex characteristics. It is also known as oxymetholone in medical term which comes in variety of forms depending on the country of origin. In some countries, it is available with a prescription only however usage laws are different around the world so there may be a chance to get this tablet from many sources where prescription is not required. You can check the price of oxymetholone tablets in india to get in the best possible price.

More information about Anadrol

Anadrol is used by bodybuilders to promote muscle growth and strength. It enhances the performance and one of the best solution to do intense work out. Anadrol is typically used for several weeks or can be used for several months so it can be taken in minimum dosage amount which is 50 mg. Testosterone is a hormone formed in males only and some cases among women in their ovaries. It should not be consumed by females as it would have some negative effects in them. These negative effects can be development of male characteristics such as hair on the chest and the body along with facial hair growth. It could also lead to deepening of voice which would not be beneficial to females. The price of oxymetholone tablets in india which is otherwise also called as Anadrol is very reasonable as compared to other parts of the world. The tablets are made in different colours depending on the country they are made in. But the effect is still the same and can be completely banked upon.They have many black-market sources and underground labs prepare them as they are very popular among the body builders and athletes. Since it is not available otherwise without a prescription they can be easily sourced to such sports persons.

Gain weight with Anadrol

There are different dosages for different uses. So, one should be careful of the results and accordingly consume it.It can be consumed daily using one tablet or two as per the results. It is used for many diseases and medical reasons. Some of the common ones are anemias that can be treated with it. This is caused due to lack of red blood cells which is otherwise developed by the consumption of Anadrol. It also improves the production of haemoglobin which helps in protein synthesis and development of new muscles. The red blood cells are capable and responsible to carry the oxygen to the body parts and this helps in the results being delivered.

But there is a side effect to it as well. Too much of red blood cells in the body can clog the arteries as many red blood cells have been created to pass through the blood vessels at a given point of time. This would create blood clots and can slow the circulation of the blood in the body. This can directly affect the heart’s pumping effect and cause a heart attack or a heart stroke or ischemia as well.